The Neighborhood

Welcome to New York’s quintessential 24-hour neighborhood.

The Meatpacking District is located on the far west side of Manhattan, bordered by Chelsea to the north and the West Village to the south. In the last 20 years, fashion and graphic designers, architects, artists, restaurateurs, world-renowned stylists and corporate headquarters have moved in alongside existing meatpacking plants. This has created an incredibly interesting and diverse dynamic that is fitting, given all of the inherent contrasts of the area.

Walk through the neighborhood and you’ll see high heels straddle the Belgian block stone streets, historical architecture with contemporary structures being built above, and you’ll observe the grit of an industrial backbone and the chic of today’s industry. In the districts’ office buildings, in this place of storied history, some of the most relevant technology companies are blazing tomorrow’s trail. The Meatpacking District is an epicenter of activity; with a wide range of restaurants and nightlife venues, people seeking quality experiences and atmosphere flock to the neighborhood. Despite all the change, the area retains its character; historically through its architecture and cobble stone streets, and generally, with its eclectic mix of businesses and a nearby community of active residents and visitors from every community in New York City and around the world.

This is a place evolution, an area constantly in flux, leading the city forward. Amongst the greatest redevelopments in recent history was the establishment of the world-renowned High Line, beginning with the section located on Gansevoort Street, right here in Meatpacking. The High Line’s arrival brought a new amenity to the neighborhood, allowing visitors a bird’s eye view as they walk on this “park in the sky” from Gansevoort Street through the Meatpacking District and further north. The park’s success brought new light to the district along with a new cadre of visitors from the around the world. Top-tier hotels rose up to serve this new clientele, keeping the foot traffic near, while our stores, restaurants, bars and boutiques keep them occupied, sated and engaged.

In 2015 the Meatpacking District became the new home of the Whitney Museum, one of the City’s most well-respected art institutions. With the opening of its doors, the neighborhood has ballooned with pride and yet another new group of visitors. The recently-completed developments of Pier 57 and 55 (Little Island) and the addition of 600,000 square feet of commercial real estate have further altered the day-to-day dynamic, making it even more interesting.